doit,doit,done! was created and is supported by bluejava. bluejava specializes in the planning, creation, and management of business-focused web applications. But we believe that business-focused does not mean it can't be fun! In fact, software that is easy and pleasurable to use sells better and makes for better business.

We often found ourselves wanting a quick and easy todo list - sometimes just for a meeting, or a Saturday morning. Anything that takes more than 2 clicks to setup was too much. But a text file or email was boring, didn't track what we had completed, and was harder to keep in sync with others. So we created this site to handle it and figured others might find it useful!

To make it super quick and simple to create new lists, we threw out the whole registration process completely. Aren't you tired of giving your email to everyone? Aren't you tired of having to log in everywhere you go? We figured this list doesn't have high security requirements, so the URL is the access key. Want to share your list? - send the URL. If someone discovers your URL, they can see your list. So if you use a cafe computer, clear the history. We think it's a pretty reasonable thing for a casual app like this.

As we see people like you enjoy and utilize the site, we will add some stuff to make it even more useful and even more fun! We already have many ideas for ways to upgrade the site! So stay tuned, and enjoy! We Hope you will get lots of things done!

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